On a recent trip to Borough Market I tucked into a delicious mushroom “speltotto” (risotto made with pearled spelt instead of rice) on Turnip Borough’s stall.  Bursting with flavour and packed with heaps of different varieties of sautéed mushrooms, the dish was topped off with a fantastic Parmesan crisp that added a salty, umami dimension as well as some welcome crunch.

Speltotto has many advantages over traditional rice risottos: lighter and healthier, spelt needs far less attention (you only need to stir it occasionally) and doesn’t rely as much on butter and cheese for flavour and texture.   I used pearled spelt in my recipe, but you can also use pearled barley or farro perlato – just make sure you use a “pearled” grain where the outer husk has been polished off, making it quicker to cook.This is a great vegan dish if you omit the butter and replace the with sprinkle of nutritional yeast.

Until I can get back to Borough for seconds, I’ve had a stab at making my own version – I hope you enjoy my recipe!

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